Plumbing engineering and design services include:

  • Sizing building utilities, including:  Domestic Water, Sprinkler Water, Sanitary, Storm and Natural Gas.
  • Coordination with utility companies.
  • Selecting and sizing equipment (including domestic water boilers, storage tanks, heat exchangers, water heaters, thermostatic mixing valve stations, pressure reducing stations, regulators, backflow prevention, acid neutralizer tanks, sump pumps, sewage ejectors, domestic water booster systems, temperature mixing valves, etc.)
  • Sizing piping systems (cold water, hot water, tempered hot water, recirculation, gas, storm, sanitary, acid waste, venting, fuel oil supply, fuel oil return, etc.).
  • Gas piping layout and design including elevated pressures with pressure regulators.
  • Selecting plumbing fixtures, including: lavatories, sinks, water closets, water coolers, mop receptors, showers, manual faucets & flush valves and electronic sensor faucets & flush valves, etc.
  • Generating project specifications.
  • Completing work in accordance with applicable codes and requirements.